With the extension of Stardust week, we're holding a special limited game for 0-500 players. Here's one extra time to get a dusting of gold points!
10:45 a.m. 0-500 Pasadena Pomona Downey
Our regular Open Pairs game will follow at 11:00 a.m.

In other news, the ACBL national tournament directors (best of the best) are holding a series of online sessions aimed at helping players fill out and use a convention card on BBO. Here's a list of sessions with the Zoom links to attend.
Tues. Sept. 29th, Oct. 6th, 13th – 3 - 5pm – Jenni Carmichael Click to join
Wed. Sept. 30th, Oct. 7th, 14th - 8pm - 10pm - Lynn Yokel Click to join
Fri. Oct. 2nd, 9th - 7am - 9am - Nancy Strachan Click to join
Sat. Oct. 3rd, 10th – 5 - 7 pm - Jeff Jacob Click to join
(These are all local times.)

Finally, if you haven't seen the Hamilton Bridge Parody featuring education director Stephanie Threlkeld, it's quite a treat: https://youtu.be/_ZvqKlR-uPM

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