Dear Unit556, PPD, friends and family,
Tomorrow, July 27th, we have two games:  10:15 am, 599er pairs and 6:15 pm open pairs. Below are the reservation lists. Please send me additions, corrections, or if you want a partner.
These are Stardust games. Double points of which 1/4 is gold. An extra $1 will be added to the entry fee for the evening game.
Paula Olivares
10:15 AM Tuesday 599er game
Aggi & David K
Caryn & Glen M
Ginger B & John M 
Lora S & John T  
Margaret & Jerry
Marianne N & Eva S
Nancy G & Carlos
Paulette & Terry
Ruth R & Linda D
Stephen A & Mike P

6:15 PM Tuesday open game
Amr & Dominique
Angela & Julie
Barbara & Tom J
Carol A & Kristi
Ernie & Lulu
Genise & Ann M
Harry & David K
Hilary & Mariann
Kathy S & Rand
Khushroo & Temo
Kiran & Avice
May A & Hani
Melanie & Bill
Mira & Ron 
Pam R & Maria M
Pat L & Dave W
Sharry & Rosalee