Tonight (Wednesday) Greater LA folks will have a nice view of the International Space Station passing over.

If you are outside of southern Cal, you can sign up to get your own zip code based alerts here  Here is a good chart and explanation what and when you see the pass, and defines all the pertinent terms:

Tonight: : Wed Apr 12 9:07 PM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 43°, Appears: 16° above NW, Disappears: 43° above N

April 14:  8:58 PM, Visible: 3 minutes, Max Height 48°, appears 10° above WNW , Disappears 47° SSW

April 15: 8:06 PM, Visible 6 minutes!!, Max Height 72°, appears 10°NW, Disappears 14° SE

April  17: 7:58 PM, Visible 6 minutes also, Max Height 36, appears 10° above WNW, Disappears 10° SSE

Telescope and Bino owners, have a look at Jupiter (after sunset in East)  and Saturn (after midnight to dawn in South) this month. Saturn near the moon mornings of April 14-17.

You definitely would see some Lyrids if you were to be outside in fairly dark area on the morning hours of April 22nd. Info on that is in this month's What's Up video here!

Over and out!   Jane


Jane Houston Jones
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What's Up April? Jupiter Opposition, Lyrid Meteors