The Perseid rates started to riselast week!  This chart will be a fun way to see what worldwide observers are seeing in real time hour by hour. The best location is one devoid of any nearby light pollution, so if you are observing at home find the spot against a shielding wall without direct streetlights, motion sensor lights, etc. Mojo and I will be in Lockwood Valley Thursday night till dawn Friday morning, and at our annual "Stars Over Yosemite" star parties Friday and Saturday nights.  Free with entrance to the park,every weekend excepting full moon thru Labor Day, a different astronomy club's members hosts the weekend events.

Here are some tips and times. I cut out the pertinent few sentences, but the writeup is very good and written by a personal friend, Bob Lundsford who Mojo and I have worked with on NASA Meteor Counting Campaigns since 1998!  Excellent graphics, too!

Here is a great collection of locations from KCET blogger (and friend)  Chris Clarke

Inland empire

LA County

San Diego County

High Desert

Finally, What's Up for August is about planets and Perseids:



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What's Up August? Perseids