We've been carefully watching the forecast for a couple days before posting a go or no-go sidewalk astronomy decision for tonight, January 12th.  But I think Gary's morning forecast note "Now says rain all day until 6pm instead of being done around lunch, I think that seals the fate of this evening." sums it up. Once again weather wins over sidewalk astronomy, and we are cancelling sidewalk astronomy tonight.

But next Sunday there is a total lunar eclipse you'll be able to see from home, any cloud free part of the Americas. For those easily confused between UTC (Universal Time) and your local time, the eclipse begins at 9: 12 PST and the totality portion is between  8:41 p.m. and 9:43 p.m. More details here, and you can change the location if you aren't local to us here in LA. https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/los-angeles?iso=20190121

As the week progresses and we return from a month of travel, we'll post some viewing spots.

That's all from Jacksonville FL, gotta board my flight home now! Jane
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