Hi everyone, we're still not offering sidewalk astronomy in Monrovia and not sure how or when that will work in the future, but tonight enjoy an ISS pass from your front porch, driveway or back yard!

Time: Tue Apr 06 8:20 PM, (Pacific time and views) Visible: 5 min, Max Height: 42°, Appears: 10° above WNW, Disappears: 17° above SSE. Elsewhereians, get your personalized announcements here --> https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/

Here's April 2021 What's UP podcast. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVknY8baakQ

There are plans for our wonderful resumed Mojave National Preserve Star party, likely in fall 2021.  Again no details yet, but we'll share when we have more information.

Over and out, Jane

Jane Houston Jones, retired JPLer
Twitter: @jhjones @otastro 
Instagram @janehoustonjones