This month we have a beautiful viewing target visible from our doorstep and we are sharing it at Monrovia's Relay for Life - our local annual run/walk to fight cancer at Monrovia's Recreation Park, 740 E. Olive Ave., Monrovia, CA, 91016.  Saturday, June 4, 2011 11 AM for 24 hours - we'll be there Saturday evening - but the walk lasts for 24 hours.

Our  target? Through the telescope we'll show you Saturn! Two thirds of the way to overhead at 9 p.m. higher later. Look South from your doorstep. Folks walking can have a look, and see a wonderful and inspirational view, while honoring cancer survivors and remembering those who died from this horrible disease.

I always have cancer on my mind, and want to do something about it. Monrovia's Relay for Life is my "it".  My husband Mojo is alive because of successful prostate cancer surgery last year.  My beloved sister Wendy is alive thanks to early detection and surgery for breast cancer last year, too.  My friend Susan, a stage 4 breast cancer survivor of IBC - Inflammatory Breast Cancer -  is fighting her disease for the 4th time - she is not yet 40 and she is fighting a new recurrance while raising two young children.  We need money, advocacy, and research, friends, love and volunteers to keep my family and my friends and your family and your friends alive. Together we will  kick cancers butt.

Saturday night, June 4th Mojo and I,  and possibly some of our other Sidewalk Astronomers will be helping out at the Monrovia Relay for Life in Recreation Park, Monrovia. Stop by for a look at Saturn while walking around Monrovia's park with people supporting finding a cure for cancer!

Oh, my! So many places to donate or help kick cancer!  You know what to do.

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What I do personally - donate my body for research.

We all have many causes to support. We all have a connection to cancer. We all have a connection to the universe. Let's connect those dots!  Jane
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