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The Bridge Basics series is starting again on Saturday May 20 with Bridge Basics 1 - Introduction, 9:30-11:30. As of this writing, I have 19 students enrolled!

This is a significant event — it continues my decade-plus of collaboration with Pasadena City College to offer introductory bridge courses through their PCC Extension catalog.

Many of you took classes from me on Wednesday evenings at Arcadia High School. Starting now, these classes will be taught at the beautiful new Pasadena Bridge Club. No more oversized round tables, walking to the bathrooms in the dark, hunting around to find the class room, or flashbacks from high school!

By the way there's still time to join the May 14 all-day bridge seminar with Robert Todd. Drop me a note!

Summer Wednesdays for Play and Defense

Wednesday evenings at the Pasadena Bridge Club we're going to focus on your card play! We'll start with eight weeks of declarer play, and continue with eight weeks of defender play.

Play of the Hand

Add some precision and less guesswork to your declarer play by making a plan. Learn to maximize your probability of making contracts and taking all the tricks you can.

It wouldn't be one of my courses without also including some bidding review, plus overcalls, takeout doubles, opening preempts, and the Stayman and Blackwood conventions!

Suitable for bridge players of all experience levels, with each class presenting increasingly  interesting declarer play problems!


This is one of the most intense and satisfying courses in the curriculum.

Of course it covers the usual guidelines for the defenders. But more importantly it introduces how to think about defender play to solve the puzzle of each hand, working with your partner to maximize your tricks. Discover when following the guidelines will cause you to fail!

This eight week course on defender play will follow the Play of the Hand class on Wednesday evenings.

See the full lesson plan here, and stay tuned for an exact start date.

Popular Conventions Thursday AM

We started the Bridge Basics series about three months ago on Thursday mornings with a great enthusiastic group of students.

The series continues now with Bridge Basics 3 - Popular Conventions. Master the most useful bridge bidding conventions: Stayman, Jacoby Transfer Bids, Strong Opening Bids, and slam bidding conventions.

Play with a Pro!

There are two opportunities coming up to play a full tournament-style bridge game with a partner who's a master player!

In both events, your partner will be randomly assigned on the day of the game (no pre-arranged partnerships!) and you will have time to spend with him or her before and after the game to talk about all aspects of bridge.

Monday July 3

This event kicks off the annual Bridge Week tournament in Long Beach. The day starts with a workshop by Grand Life Master Majorie Michelin, and the Pro-Am game at 1:00 PM.

Register for the game by email at

Sunday July 23

This special game is called the Over/Under game where every partnership will be a newer player (under) and a master player (over). Game time will be 1:00 PM, with partnership meetings starting at 12:30.

The game will be held at the Arcadia Bridge Center, and space is limited! Register using the form here:

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